Brand creative director: HINCE / Vivawave
Brand shape identity, Product design, Manufacturing management: STUDIO HOU
Creative Director Wooseok Heo
Client: Vivawave
Location: South Korea
Packaging Contents: Lipstick

HINCE mood enhancer lipstick design has a harmonious order in atypical form. HINCE’s design philosophy is to express the external and internal beauty of women in a stylish and harmonious way. One smooth surface curve that meets both sides of the cube contains HINCE’s unique brand philosophy and storyline.

The shape of the contents is designed with angles and areas optimized for lip application, and the shape is also a combination of faces that match the product package. In simple object-like molding, curved surfaces with aesthetics and functionality are the hallmarks of HINCE lipstick design.

The curved surface of the cap is not only aesthetic, but also a functional part that allows you to conveniently open and close the lipstick. Combining magnetically, you can easily open the lid with your thumb when holding the lipstick with one hand. The color and finish of the product is applied in matte and nude beige colors that are closest to the flesh and closest to the fingers.