Moo-yonnaise: Just Pleasure, No Guilty

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Derrick Lin


Agency: R Agency
Junior Art Director: Alisa Mezhenska
DesignerCopywriter: Viktor Synkov
Creative Group Head: Dima Liutyy
Senior Account Manager: Maria Ursta
Designer: Arman Enokyan
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Client: Danone
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Yogurt Sauce
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Moo-yonnaise looks like mayonnaise, tastes like mayonnaise and sounds like mayonnaise, but it’s not. It is a yogurt based sauce that has only 7% fat in contrast to 70% in a typical mayonnaise. Thus, our main goal in design was to convey Moo-yonaise’s yogurt nature and lightness.

Yes, we used cow as a symbol to show that it’s a yogurt in the first place. But don’t jump to conclusions — our label still stands out from other dairy products with it’s non-typical for the category bright colors.

To express the lightness and naturalness of the product, we painted label background with airy clouds that look like a “cow print”.

The sauce’s name is quite joky. It inspired us to highlight it visually, so we chose a playful font and drew a tongue-showing cow on the foil.

Also the team loved the cow they drew for Moo-yonnaise so much, that even made an Instagram mask of it!

What’s Unique?
Foil shape is unique. We drew a cow on it and cow’s tongue is a part of the foil that goes beyond it’s contours. Also the color scheme used in this project is outstanding among the packagings of this products kind in Ukraine.