PREMO sausage by S&P

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Designer: Dusadee Lamkijja
Co-Designer, Illustrator: Chanwut Hothai
Location: Thailand
Project Type: Produced
Client: S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited
Product Launch Location: Thailand
Packaging Contents: Sausage
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Gravure Printing

PREMO is a brand of sausage produced by S&P

From 2019- 2020 market share of sausage products in Thailand is growing bigger. We use the strategy “Totally Changing Design”. No, go back to using the normal pattern of sausage package in market share. We seek to build customer awareness and decided to create new different patterns of style.

PREMO made the best craft sausage to keep customers happy and satisfied. By selected the best ingredients. Use the best part of pure pork. No MSG and no adding other meat to mix in and some of the sausages we use the natural casings for stuffing sausages.

From the best part of PREMO sausage productions, leading to the concept of design “Happy & Natural” created simply happy stories by using line drawing character links with a sausage. Etc: Frankfurter is a German sausage we use a barn to tell the story of Vienna sausage use a castle. All color’s guide from Thai natural color in everyday life such as handmade paper color for the background. And light brown from coconut sugar color, green from pandan color, purple from mangosteen color, etc. for strip.