Energy Elixir

Derrick Lin


Design: Nazanin behzadi
Location: Iran
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Snack food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper/ Mat weaving
Printing Process: Digital

Dates with nut are a healthy, sweet and traditional that has healing properties in addition to energy, which is why we choose the brand name “Elixir Energy”.

Geometrical structure:
We used two elements of “organic” and “high-energy” dates to design the geometric structure. As is obvious, we kept the geometric shape of the dates at the corner next to the box and used it to extend the angle with the angled corners to convey the sense of speed in digestion and energy.

Graphic Design:
In graphic design, we have chosen three different categories of “athletes”, “workers” and “breastfeeding mothers” to visualize on the box and with the design of an Iranian miniature character, we wanted to show the country of production and its traditional production, which have combined with the modern atmosphere of today’s life to bring it into everyday life. At the bottom of the pack, we put the dates with the inside of each packet, which will have a view of the cluster on the dates tree by placing the packets from this angle.