Agency: Everland
Design Director: Mikael Tonning
Senior Creative Artworker & Photographer: Martin Højer Kofod
Location: Denmark
Project Type: Produced
Client: Schulstad
Product Launch Location: Denmark
Packaging Contents: Bread
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Danish bakery, Schulstad, has been a constant in every Danish lunchbox for decades. Since 1880, Schulstad has become almost synonymous with great bread and iconic products. To bring their new vision to life, Danish design agency Everland helped Schulstad translate their new position into a redesign of the existing portfolio as well as the development of several new designs.

“Working with a brand so dear to so many Danes is as exciting as it is tricky. We had to explore and develop the Schulstad brand in a way that would make it credible and recognisable but also introduce consumers to new and exciting tasting experiences,” says Ronnie Erik Greve, Client Director and Partner at Everland.

For the new design, we kept the rhombus as a design element that ties all products together. At the same time, it made room for each product to speak for itself. This resulted in a new and refreshed design, shoppers can still easily navigate towards in stores.

“Working with Everland has been a great corporation. They succeeded in inspiring us and keeping our recognisability. Together, we have evolved our design with respect to our heritage and values. This has led to a revitalised portfolio design that leads back to our pay-off: ‘Natural taste for life’,” adds Cecille Wiingaard, Marketing Manager at Schulstad.

Besides bringing great taste to life visually, the new packaging also uses less plastic and will save Schulstad about 100 tonnes of plastics each year. By reducing plastic thickness and packaging size, the use of materials has been cut by 20 percent.

Head across Denmark today and experience the more than 50 new designs for yourselves and grab a slice of great Danish bread at the same time.