Art Direction / Packaging design: Daniela Barrio de Mendoza
Photo Retoucher: Benjamin Zavaleta
Product Photography: Daniela Barrio de Mendoza
Location: Peru
Project Type: Produced
Client: The Harvest Company
Product Launch Location: Peru
Packaging Contents: Dried Organic Fruit
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Doypack
Printing Process: Digital

The Harvest Company has a varied line of healthy products and Superfoods that seek to export and produce in Lima, Peru. One of its products is Mondo Snacks, dried fruits dipped in organic chocolate that can be consumed as snacks at any time of the day. The objective was to design a new package that embodies the concept of the brand seeking to be fun, youthful and modern so that it can adapt to other brands in different countries without being confused with the local product. In this way, the essence of the current product is still maintained for new companies that want to import the products of this Peruvian brand.