Azulejos – Exclusive Porcelain Collection

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Derrick Lin


Design: Lília Marisa Moreira Alves
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Portugal
Packaging Contents: Decorative porcelain, aromatic diffusers, candle holders, tiles
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital Printing

CRIVART designed a collection of unique pieces, produced at a traditional production unit and inspired by the traditional Portuguese tiles. The result is a collection of high-quality porcelain pieces (aromatic diffusers, candle holders and decorative porcelain) that reflect the beauty of national tiles.

As a result of the fine work developed by manufacturers, this collection required its own set of packaging, which reflected the elegance of the production and the final result of each piece. Inspired by the three main colors of Portuguese tiles tradition – blue, yellow and white – the packaging respects this chromatic pallet, where white space is one of the main elements, contrasting with the detailed patterns of each piece. On the back of each package, there is a pattern of tiles with the models used in the collection, so that each model is more easily identified.

What’s Unique?
The graphic language applied in the development of this packaging collection, seeking to reflect in an elegant way one of the most traditional elements of Portuguese culture, resulted in the development of a unique collection, which respects this tradition while elevating it into a high-quality product. The adoption of white space and the combination of the chromatic pallet of Portuguese tiles, culminated in a set of packaging that respects the level of detail of each piece, not overlapping its beauty but allowing the product and packaging to complement each other.