bageri Å takeaway

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Creative direction, graphic design: Tomi Leppänen
Packaging concept design: Maija Salo
Packaging structure design: Sami Auhto
Photos: Aleks Talve, Aleksi Malinen
Location: Finland
Project Type: Produced
Client: bageri Å
Product Launch Location: Finland
Packaging Contents: Croissants, donuts, buns, sourdough treats
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Sustainably made, fully recyclable folding boxboard
Printing Process: Offset, blind embossing

Takeaway packaging for bageri Å. Bageri Å is a newly opened sourdough bakery, cafe and mill operating in a former state prison area of Kakola in Turku Finland. Optimised for easy carrying, the packaging is equally inspired by the Gucci hand bags & the McDonalds Happy Meal box. The packaging is fully recyclable and sustainably made from traceable raw materials.

What’s Unique?
The swoosh illustration in the bageri Å identity & packaging refers to the unique location of the bakery: The curly “Chiewitz Serpentine” path leading to the bakery was built in 1850, and was named after the architect G.T. Chiewitz.