Heraia Olive Oil Limited Editions

Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: KALOS
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Heraia
Product Launch Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Olive Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Ceramic Bottle
Printing Process: Digital Printing

A brand that comes from the cooperation of some farms in the Sicilian hinterland with only one goal.

Heraia was born in 2017 in the center of Sicily, from the initiative of a young entrepreneur who wanted to enhance the value of his territory and create a synergy between local producers to channel his passion and strength in the creation of a brand that expresses the charm, quality and a lot of curiosity in food products that offers both in classic formats, but also with innovative and even historical recipes of the hinterland.

The brand wants to express the charm of the Mediterranean Sea myth linked to Sicily and adapted to food products, especially to their olive oils. For this reason, the development of special and attractive labels was vital for the determination of the packaging. We have started from the brand and the name of the olive oil line that the company already produce and then we moved to the choice of the materials such as the ceramic bottle in white and we added the design for each variety of the products.

Iannusa – the intense olive oil with is linked to the cult of the gorgon. We decided to display a snake and to add the strong paper tag on the bottle. Minimal and attractive at the same time.
Bianchetta– the most balanced which is embodied by the cactus fig fruit which is dangerous and sweet at the same time. We used a very fancy cactus fig to express this olive oil.
Tunna– the fruity and sweet olive oil of their line. We used the octopus to symbolize the presence of a mythological creature and the combination of a great and mystical olive oil.
Pandora– the most exotic and richest in terms of nutritional proprieties. This is the reason why we used colored fish with the Caltagirone ceramic art technique on them. Fancy and attractive at the utmost limit.

Heraia’s aim wants to impress and to make to the customers a great impression of the fancy ideas developed by the producers and the designer. This is the same as what the myth used to express to people of ancient times: mystery, charm, and attractiveness.

What’s Unique?
The design and the affinity to combine Mediterranean myth, quality food products from Sicily, specific techniques of working the raw material and brand launch to this mix.