Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In February 2020

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Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of February 2020. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Cadesio Chocolate packaging design by Est Her

Cadesio is a swiss company with a very specific social purpose: to spread a message of hope and push others to change things through chocolate.

“Ca” stands for cacao and for cambiamento (Italian words for cocoa and change), “desio” poetically means desire. The desire of chocolate, but also desire to change our society. Nine chocolates, nine unique flavors, nine stories, nine foundations, one community.

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LIL’LAMB packaging design by Kate Zakharova

LIL’LAMB brand reflects the idea of a newborn innocence. It offers granulated and concentrated 0+ detergent based on marseille soap xvii century’s formula composed of three natural ingredients: olive oil, spring water and wooden ash.

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A Beer For Typography Lovers by Bodoville

Meet the type can. A beer concept created for typography lovers, like us. Time is up for vintage-looking beers which have lost their souls, a long time ago. Therefore we wanted to create a concept beer touched by the most beautiful and zestful typefaces today — Futura, Helvetica, Bodoni and Times New Roman (Baskerville couldn’t make the list, we are sorry.)

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FLWR by Sarah Johnston

With its tactile nature, the flocked velvet detail heightens the customers’ impulse to purchase with an emotional connection to the packaging and a one-of-a-kind feeling of luxury and exclusivity. The vivid and playful illustrations embrace and emphasise the flocked floral features of the FLWR collection.

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Spirit of Heineken by VBAT

For the 2019 Christmas and New Year season, Heineken asked us to design a very special gift for very special relations in the company, the Heineken family and the Executive Board. The concept revolved around a sort of vodka Heineken created out of the leftover alcohol from their Heineken 0.0. It’s a fantastic spirit that retains the aroma and flavor of Heineken beer. To create a true keepsake we bottled this spirit in the iconic WOBO (World Bottle) invented by Freddy Heineken himself in the 1960s – a bottle designed to be upcycled as a brick to build houses. In that spirit, we upcycled it into limited-edition gift called the ‘Spirit of Heineken’, which is precisely what it is: a flavorful 40% spirit made with the same progressive mindset that has made Heineken a global icon.

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TALEA Beer Co by IWANT design

Talea Beer Co. are a New York based, women-led, craft beer start-up. IWANT design have created the branding, visual language and packaging for this exciting new project. Bold colourful graphic shapes have been used to great effect to give the brand a unique visual style with real impact. With eight beers already designed, we are scheduled to double that number through 2020, as well as working closely with their team on their forthcoming Williamsburg taproom.

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Four Cups by Stas Bordukov

We often don’t have time to finish the drinks before they spoil, so I decided to design a package with separate, airtight compartments. For example, even ultra-pasteurized milk after opening is stored for no more than two days. For people who use milk rarely and in small quantities, this is a problem. often milk spoils faster than we drink it.

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Dual purpose for a higher purpose by Saatchi&Saatchi Croatia

This packaging bag for our 100% recycled toilet paper is a small step toward keeping things from going down the drain fast! Besides serving as a packaging, it is also a 100% recyclable waste bag. Its dual use has a higher purpose because in Violeta we believe that packaging does not have to be wasted. Instead, it can be used for waste disposal. So say goodbye to overproduction and minimize the excessive and harmful use of plastic.

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Grace of Waste by Peter Schmidt Group

Each of us produces plastic waste every single day. Of this plastic waste, 40% is from packaging – used just once and then discarded. This plastic waste often ends up in our oceans, drifting together to create enormous garbage carpets. It is our responsibility to change our mindset and see waste as a resource to be used in creative ways, and thereby to minimise our burden on the environment.

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Provamel by mousegraphics

The Provamel brand identity has been redesigned by mousegraphics in an unprecedented makeover gesture, initiated by the client’s request for a new packaging.

The plant-based, dairy-free products of the successful brand respond to a specific philosophy of trust and honesty, of localized sources and sustainable processes, of ethical provenance and GMO – free organic ingredients, of fully recyclable packaging and environmentally conscious growth goals.

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