Toilet paper can save your ass!

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Croatia
Creative Director: Ivan Tanić
Senior Copywriter: Ivan Pavičić
Art Director: Nebojša Cvetković
Location: Croatia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Violeta d.o.o
Product Launch Location: Croatia
Packaging Contents: Toilet paper
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic foil
Printing Process: Foil print

Simple intervention on everyday product packaging can save lives.

Violeta, the regional leader in the production of premium household hygiene products, inspired by consumer needs for many years creates high-quality products and makes everyday life simpler and better. The company recognizes the importance of promoting health and maintaining it, and actively participates in various socially responsible projects that contribute to community development and growth.

This time, in collaboration with the Croatian National Colon Cancer Prevention Program, with its new bold product, Violeta is aiming to increase public awareness of colon cancer symptoms. “Prevention and early detection of colon cancer are key, so we have created a product that reminds consumers to make regular easy self-exam and take care of their health.

Violeta introduced limited edition toilet paper, available for now only in Croatia, with a simple message on packaging.

This limited edition toilet paper also includes a poster that further raises awareness of the importance of spotting problems on time. „With this product, which is actually a communication campaign on its own, we want to show to our consumers that colon cancer can be detected on time to the fullest extent.”

Through its overall activities, Violeta strives to be a socially responsible company ready to set an example for everyone through its business, community and customer relationships.

What’s Unique?
Simple intervention on everyday product packaging can save lives.