Veski Brewery

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Design: Wulcan Creative
Location: Estonia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Veski Brewery
Product Launch Location: Estonia
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: 4D detail print, metallic, matte laminate surface finishing

Veski Brewery is a craft microbrewery in southern Estonia. Created by 5 friends and beer enthusiasts, their aim is to produce good and strong flavoured craft beers that also give pleasure to the eyes. Their first brewed beer, created with a frequent flavour testing by us and our beer enthusiast friends, was released in 2019 under the name of “Must Notsu”.

Black IPA “Must Notsu” is Veski Brewery’s first official beer with bold, strong and spicy yet sweet flavours, depicting the unique blend of different flavours and textures from southern Estonia. We created a daring but minimalistic illustrative language for the brand because of its unique taste and character. As can be seen from the etiquette, the pig is designed to be playful and fierce, symbolizing the chocolatey sweet and heavy, exquisitely dark and creamy aftertaste. We depicted the fresh taste of spruce tips harvested from southern Estonia on the beer cans by giving the otherwise dark and black packaging design a fresh accent with shiny pink elements. “Must Notsu” black IPA was created by craft beer enthusiasts for other craft beer lovers to have a really special kind of experience.

What’s Unique?
Black IPA “Must notsu” beer can design stands out with its simplicity, creative name, typography and illustrative elements. The pig character makes the cans pop in proportion to all other craft beer cans with its unique and bold depiction.

Special printing technique. Shiny metallic elements provide a unique surface finishing throughout the black and white illustrations and label. Pink shiny 4D colouring brings the pink pig into life and laminated matte surface gives the can final touch of extravagance.