APICEUTICALS™ Premium Propolis & Beeswax BALMS



Project Lead, Creative Director: Nikos Roumeliotis
Brand Strategy: Billy Roumeliotis
Designer, Illustrator: Caleb Heisey
Industrial Designers: Nikos Roumeliotis, Konstantina Anagnou, Rudj Panebianco
Copywriter / Art Direction: Dimitra Zakinthinou
Photographer: Katia Papanikola
Printing: Karydis Labels
Location: Greece
Project Type: Produced
Client: Apiceuticals
Product Launch Location: Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Cosmetic Balms
Packaging Substrate / Materials: FSC Paper, Glass Jar

APICEUTICALS™ Holistic Bee-Balms are the First in the World cosmetic products with sustainable packaging which serves at the same time as an in-store “display stand.”

APICEUTICALS™ uses a Trade-Secret formula which is conveyed by the surprising “Secret” illustrated story within the packaging, once it is opened. Inside the packaging, the APICEUTICALS™ beekeeping family of four is illustrated (father, mother, and two sons), depicting our beekeeping work, which starts early in the morning and finishes at night.

  • Father: The main Beekeeper, harvesting honey and bee ingredients
  • Mother: Collects the herbs from nature
  • Older Son: The Bee Scientist, creating the trade secret formula, combining bee ingredients and herbs
  • Younger Son: Nicely packages the end-product and offers it to the world

The scenery is that of Arcadia, the euphoric Greek land, which hosts Apiceuticals’ family-owned apiaries.

UNIQUE INDUSTRIAL DESIGN created to be used as

  • IN-STORE DISPLAY, without the need of extra heavy advertising for in-store materials (Brand leaflets or product cards)
  • DISRUPTING the boring, non-interactive in-store sample placement; instead triggering consumer attention and attraction in-store (pre-purchase), while being
  • FULLY “INSTAGRAMABLE” through our enjoyable unpacking experience, providing a “surprise” effect through creative packaging storytelling (after-purchase)

Loyal to our philosophy of Ethical and Organic Beekeeping, APICEUTICALS uses sustainable high-quality carton packaging made with FSC-certified paper, ZERO plastic and ZERO glue.

Colors were selected to depict the main sense and usage of the BALMS.

  • ULTRA HYDRASTIC Balm: Blue-Cyan to connote hydration.
  • ULTRA NURTURING Balm: Marigold Orange to connote pampering effects on stressed skin.
  • AGE RESCUE Balm: Light Forest Green to connote natural anti-aging properties.