Not So…Crap Wines

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Derrick Lin


Agency: barker brand partnerships (formally Barker Gray)
Founder/ Senior Creative Strategy Partner: Johnny Barker
Location: Australia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Toilet paper & glass
Printing Process: Hand printed rubber stamped

In response to global crap caused by Covid-19, I’ve been squirreling away between Zooms on a little personal Easter project as presents for my agency team. I wanted to create something playful and fun out of these dark times, and poke fun at the selfish hoarding we have witnessed globally. I managed to go from Concept to Production in 4 days, in time for my self-imposed Easter deadline.

Introducing Three Sheets to The Wind ‘Not so…Crap Wines’.

Each wine variant uses a different type of toilet paper to reflect the variant. ie there is a flower emboss in the paper for the Rose, smooth curving lines for the Red etc. Maybe this is the most sought after wine in the world right now!!

A world first – printed exclusively on sheets of real toilet paper (two for the front, one back label). Hand-printed using rubber stamps.

Laughter (at ourselves) really is the best medicine.