Design: Questtonó
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Produced
Client: Natura
Product Launch Location: Brazil
Packaging Contents: Perfume

Businesses are constantly changing and adapting, especially in today’s world. Natura needed to quickly update their most famous perfume in Brazil, Essencial, in its male and female versions.

Our challenge was to use Agile methodology for the brand’s repositioning and also design a new packaging, connecting the product’s tradition to more contemporary visual references. The key aspect to develop this new product was the extremely fast time from the creative process to final delivery, done in only 4 weeks. “Quest” is our design-based innovation Agile program, and in only 4 weeks, we go from scratch to finish. It involves creating, prototyping and user collaboration for maximum efficiency.

The Agile methodology is guided by a multidisciplinary and collaborative process. During each step, different skills are mixed to create fast and outstanding solutions. For this specific project, we had professionals from graphic and product designers to researchers and strategists, besides the client’s team, involving marketing, logistics, supplies, manufacturing and quality control.

Week after week, the workgroup created several proposals for the product’s design. We manufactured prototypes in our personal makerspace, besides 3D-detailed illustrations that were validated by the client. Our Research and Strategy team led discussion groups with users, introducing concepts to try to understand which visual styles were the most appropriate.

Based on the learnings, we could refine the project to reach a final delivery for Natura. The new Essencial perfume was launched in March 2020.

What’s Unique?
To update a classic product, we need to carefully listen to its users and work in collaboration to reach the best experience possible. With that in mind, we needed to update Natura’s most famous perfume in Brazil, Essencial, in its male and female versions.