Filì – The Flavors Of Sicily

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Agency: kine
Creative Director: Corrado Boschetti
Location: Italy
Project Type: Concept
Packaging contents: Jams, nectars, juice, preserves
Packaging substrate/materials: Glass bottle, aluminum, paper

The brand was named after grandma Filì, whose delicious recipes were found in an old notebook jealously guarded and preserved by her family. Since the traditions were so important to this family, the concept was to illustrate a traditional Sicilian story, inspired by the one told by grandma Filì to her sons years before, a story about courageous knights, mysterious ladies and beautiful fertile lands.

What’s Unique?
The story tells of a knight who brought back the essences and flavours that had been long lost in a magical land…Sicily is an archive of flavours and tales that we have chosen to tell you through this box. A gift, created with pictures, memories and special recipes and labels.