Juice.ly Flavor Balls

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Design: Esha Bhanawat
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Juice Balls
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled Cardboard

Juice.ly is a hypothetical brand which sells fruit flavor balls which acts as a ready to use juice mixture. The source of inspiration was Bath bombs but edible/drinkable. The product consists of a cylindrical cover box with 4 flavors inside. The material is recycled cardboard and is completely Eco-friendly.

The packaging is re-usable and completely Eco-friendly in nature. The cube boxes which contain the flavor balls can be re-used by the customer for keeping their medicines, mints, etc. It’s easy to store, does not consume a lot of space and is a replacement for those hefty big bags of juice mixtures. It’s a hassle free-easy to use-ready in 5 seconds product aiming to the target audience of age groups 8-27-year-old.

The flavors include all the fruit types thus the packaging has a very young and fresh visual language with a bright color palette belonging to every fruit. Each box has an illustration of the fruit with its name on the front side. The visuals contain a lot of texture and patterns to give it a quirky and funky look.

What’s Unique?
The concept of re-usability, small storage space, easy to carry – portability, safe and multipurpose makes it unique. The whole packaging is done on cardboard thus reducing the cost of manufacturing and making it environmentally friendly. The boxes can fit in anywhere and thus reducing the user’s concern of space and the risk of the product to spill as the box will be closed.