Derrick Lin


Designer: Jessica Sandoval
Concept Developer: Iara Martinnetti
Concept Developer: Nicolas Angarita
Location: France
Project Type: Student Project
School: Escola Universitaria de Barceloa Disseny i Enginyeria
Tutor: Eva Minguella, Jesús Alonso López and Miquel Campmany Muñoz
Packaging Contents: Chocolates with cocktail base
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Foil stamping and Digital printing

Casa Dolca Farrer is an old chocolate shop in Barcelona and it is located in one of the most tourist areas, we imagine that they took out their own line of chocolates addressing a young audience through the world of alcohol. Xoctail are chocolates with cocktail base. The design is inspired by the patterns of William Morris. The challenge was to combine a very traditional product with a contemporary and chic look through unique and daring flavors. Reinvent a tradition and bring the product to a younger target.

This project was carried out during the Master of Packaging Design at Elisava (Barcelona) under the guidance of the talented Eva Minguella, Jesús Alonso López and Miquel Campmany Muñoz.