Diablo Pisco

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Design: Appartement 103 – Brand Design
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Concha Y Toro
Product Launch Location: Chile
Packaging Contents: Alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Part of the renowned Concha Y Toro Group, Casillero del Diablo is currently the second most powerful wine brand in the world, according to Wine Intelligence Index.

With strong brand awareness and consumer engagement, Concha Y Toro has partnered with the boutique branding and packaging design agency, Appartement 103, to expand its portfolio by introducing a premium Pisco into the Chilean market.

This NPD marks the group’s entry into the world of spirits, an entirely new category of operation since its foundation in 1883.

With the objective to shake a fairly traditional category and appeal to younger consumers, the agency developed a bespoke bottle, brand identity as well as secondary packaging and key visuals inspired by one of their flagship wine brands “Diablo” and the mystical world of the Devil.

The bespoke bottle captures this spirit through its sharp lines and well-defined shoulders that playfully resemble the Devil’s horns.

Enhancing brand recognition and shelf impact, the Devil’s face icon has been designed on a crafted red stone. The boldness of this accessory contrasted with the overall presentation ensures purity and elegance, allowing the golden liquid to shine.

Diablo Pisco is the first collaboration between Appartement 103 and Concha Y Toro group, which proved to be a success since its early launch days. Widely available across the country, the newly launched brand has exceeded expectations and sold over 144.000 bottles in the first 6 months in Chile alone.

“It was a real pleasure to have the chance to work with Appartement 103 team. From the very beginning, I felt they were more than a packaging design agency, in fact, they were the strategic partner we were looking for to take on this great (and tough) challenge. We took one of our vineyard’s flagship brands “Diablo” into the Spirits world. The project scope was fantastically achieved, Appartement 103 put its creativity and the brand’s DNA together, resulting in a breathtaking outcome, the newborn “Diablo Pisco”. Says Concha Y Toro’s Head of New Business Development, Dennis Isaac