Lizi’s Super Mueslis

Derrick Lin


Design: Carter Wong
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Lizi’s
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Muesli

Granola brand Lizi’s has revealed an explosive brand refresh for its new range of Super Mueslis, with creative and strategy by branding agency Carter Wong.

Since its launch in 2003, Lizi’s has grown to become the UK’s favourite premium granola brand, committed to providing wholesome breakfast options that deliver sustained energy throughout the day.

An explosive identity
With its new Super Muesli product range, Lizi’s wanted the new pack designs to attract new shoppers to the category as well as retaining and growing its current consumer-base.

Carter Wong responded to this challenge with packaging that retained key brand assets with a clear brand focus, and a vibrant design to achieve standout.

Wanting to highlight the ingredients and delicious mix of fruits, nuts and oats, Carter Wong introduced explosive images of the pouch contents front-of-pack. These detailed images indicate the differentiated flavours as well as highlighting the taste.

The rich warm burgundy colour allows the subtle tones of the oats and grains to pop and introduces shelf standout with this being a new colourway for the category. With the Lizi’s brand initially starting in a B&B, Carter Wong also wanted the packs to feel homely with a cottage-like feel which has been achieved through this palette.

Carter Wong also worked with strategic writing agency Reed Words to craft an updated story for the Lizi’s brand, which reflected the fact that its founder was no longer front and centre but was still a strong presence in the brand’s legacy. The new positioning centres on providing consumers with clear knowledge of the ingredients and benefits of Lizi’s products.

Sarah Turner, Managing Director, Carter Wong says: “Working collaboratively with our core team of in-house creatives, Reed Words and Sam Peach at Salt Productions, we were able to create a packaging design that responded strategically to Lizi’s brief. We surround ourselves with the best skills in the business to deliver that extra special touch, which is really visible in this project.”

Alice Bream, Senior Brand Manager, Lizi’s adds: “We’re really pleased with the vibrant packaging, as it really expresses what we’re all about; great ingredients, taste and food that’s good for you! We’re excited to see what consumers think of our new Super Muesli range.”

The newly designed Super Mueslis are available in four varieties: Boost, Cleanse, Glow and Focus and can be purchased from leading supermarkets.

What’s Unique?
The iconic Lizi’s wordmark based on the founder’s signature has also been adapted to fit harmoniously with the new packaging design.