Brand Expansion Concept

Derrick Lin


Agency: Brandout
Designer: Lennaert van ‘t Loo, Nicole Jansen
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Digital Printing

With its rich history that goes back more than 325 years, the Nolet Distillery is one of the oldest Dutch distilleries. Even though they are mostly known for their product Ketel One Jenever, their newer entry Ketel One Vodka has become a real classic in clubs and liquor stores worldwide. Heritage and Craftsmanship are what Ketel One is best known for, but the Nolet Distillery is also a leading name when it comes to their production methods and unique recipes.

With their passion to innovate, Ketel One Vodka has introduced a variety of different flavored vodkas in the last couple of years. Together with a campaign focused on a more modern approach, the goal is to introduce the brand to more young adults.

The main challenge I faced whilst re-imagining the Ketel One Vodka branding, was to incorporate the modernized vision the company was aiming towards, without the brand having to lose its original classic aesthetic.

This is how the idea for Ketel Two Vodka came about. By introducing a new sub-brand there was a possibility to create a completely original branding that would immediately capture the new younger audience the Nolet Distillery was aiming towards, without having to change anything for the Ketel One branding, allowing this product to still be recognizable for existing customers.

With a strong focus on enhancing the taste of the existing cocktails by adding a wide range of new innovative flavors, the Ketel Two Vodka was all about adding a new twist to cocktails and encouraging bartenders to experiment and innovate more with their mixing creations. Just like to Nolet Distillery has been doing for over 325 years.

Because the new flavor pallet of the vodka is so central for the new sub-brand, I chose to give the ingredients a more prominent roll on the labeling. To emphasize the ingredients on the labeling would give the brand a more unique feature and make the bottles really stand out for new customers. From this came the idea to use Anaglyph 3D, on the product label. If you put on any anaglyph 3D glasses the ingredients on the label gain depth and almost seem to pop out of the bottle. This feature creates a lot of interaction possibilities between the brand and its customers. Hence why the slogan “Experience different dimensions of taste” was created.

You can try it for yourself if you have any anaglyph 3D glasses laying around. Be sure to put the red side of the glasses in front of your left eye.