Cihuatan Sahumerio limited edition

Derrick Lin


Design: Appartement 103 – Brand Design
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Licoreras Cihuatán
Product Launch Location: Global

With a continuous strong partnership, Appartement 103 was asked to develop Cihuatán Rum’s next limited-edition, shaking the industry of premium rums.

Remaining true to the brand’s Mayan roots, the agency was responsible for elevating the storytelling of Sahumerio ritual which celebrates of love, through a striking primary and secondary packaging design. This SKU was launched into global travel retail and select retail locations in Europe, the US, and Latin America.

The Mayan were a tight-knit community and deeply valued love and relationships. To attract love, they would perform a simple and enchanting daily ritual: in a Sahumerio, they would burn treats to gain the goddess Chantico’s graces. Each treat had a meaning: dried flowers or floral honey for romance, dried fruits for family unity, incense for friendship, cacao, seeds and butters for self-protection. According to their lore, fire was the symbol of love and the eagle goddess Chantico was its guardian.

Master Blender Gabriela Ayala was inspired by the ritual of the Mayan Sahumerio, so she sought to recreate these elements by blending rums aged 12 to 14 years. Cihuatán Sahumerio features top notes of incense, carnation honey, cacao butter, dried apricots and dried myrtle. An odyssey of complex and bold intertwined flavours that we wanted to graphically highlight on the label.

Driven by this Mayan myth and product tasting notes, we designed an impactful identity against standard premium rum codes.

The majestic flaming eagle playing the role of a focal point expresses its power through a combination of hot foils with gradual colours and subtle embossings. Boasting vibrancy, we created a surprising die-cut purple background, contrasted with shiny varnished flames. Adding a final touch of craftsmanship, this limited released SKU is hand-numbered and the wood cap engraved on its top.