Design: Style You branding agency
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Butter cookies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

About concept development
Confectionery packaging design is not a difficult issue. The niche is known and there are no clearly articulated rules for visual communication. Each product stands out on the shelf due to its graphic techniques.
Specialists of Style You Branding Agency have developed a packaging design concept for butter biscuits. The core idea of the visual solution was the form factor of the product itself and its appeal. Such small and such delicious cookies can be eaten “like seeds” one by one and not be noticed as a whole handful is eaten.

The idea of attractiveness prompted Agency specialists to a series of aerial photographs of cookies that, coupled with creativity, were reborn into hairstyles! This concept has the potential for serialization: each new cookie has its own character and can resemble recognizable images of Elvis, Monroe or just a mischievous afro.

Promotional materials
The packaging design concept for butter biscuits in the premium segment was not static in its visualization. One glance at the key-visual packaging creates the feeling of a slight trembling of cookies and the feeling that they are magnetically drawn into the center of the packaging face.

These dynamics are reflected in the developed promotional materials. The created slogan also beats at the same point of perception.

Concept video visualization
A video series that completes the fantasy collection of cookies in an impromptu hairstyle, the sticking of the content and the idealized food zone are a trinity that makes up a unique composition of the concept. All details and colors were not chosen by chance and play to create a holistic image of sweets for the company, from which it is impossible to break away!