Destalo Wine

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Bisarro Studio
Client: Destalo Wine
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Commercial Work – Label, Packaging and Brand Identity
Packaging Contents: Vinho Verde wines
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottles
Printing Process: Offset impression on Constellation Jade (Arconvert) paper and braille polish/coat

From a land of history and tradition in the production of quality wines, between the river Douro and the Vinho Verde Region, in the sub-region of the river Tâmega, with a particular terroir and microclimate, Destalo Vinhos Verde wines develop their freshness, their lightness and the exuberant vibrant and limpid colour of their whites, reds and rosés. Honoring its origins, our labels personify each one of the nearly extinct species that once lived and glorified the Region.

The Otter
Hidden along ash and alder trees, the river Otter is a nomadic savage, choosing land and water as its habitats. Hybrid by nature, the Otter moves freely between the valleys and mountains of the region, on the banks of the Tâmega that bathes Amarante city.

The White Vinho Verde takes youth, dynamism and freedom of movement from the Otter: it personifies the surrounding nature, by waters and mountains, which provides so much the lightness, freshness and unique palate of the White Vinho Verde. Without the influence of the microclimate of the Region, the valleys and mountains, the proximity to the Atlantic, the humidity and the sea winds, such colour, texture, body and ripeness would not be achieved.

The Royal Duck
Agile, graceful and delicate like the Rosé it represents: a light wine with a sweet palate, agitated body, lightly charred and clear and pinkish colour. A delightful Vinho Verde of extreme freshness, like the fresh water rivers that bathe the city of Amarante.

The royal duck is a gregarious, flock bird, which mirrors the sharing of this soft and fresh Rosé with those you most want – family and friends.

The Tortoise
Next to the river bed of the river Tâmega, hidden between the banks of streams, ponds and lagoons, the meadows, willows and ashes, is the river tortoise.

With a pronounced timidity but imposing presence, the reptile easily gives identity to a more conservative and reserved Vinho Verde, a description for its lovers – strong of palate, snobs of wine and bold of textures.