JUDAIKIT – modern branding of Jewish ceremonial-art kits

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Design: Hadass Sternberg
Location: Germany
Project Type: Student Project
School: HTK
Tutor: Sigrid Melchior
Packaging Contents: Jewish ceremonial art
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, foam
Printing Process: Digital printing, laser printing

After moving from Israel to Berlin, Hadass has been inspired by her own need for celebrating Jewish rituals in a way that fits her modern lifestyle, focusing on the cultural experience celebration rather than the practice of religion. Following these needs, she developed the brand and packaging design of JUDAIKIT, an innovative series of Jewish ceremonial-art kits.

It has been important for her to rebrand the rituals in a way that “cleans them up” from the traditional decorative visuality, and open them up for everyone who wishes to celebrate Judaism. She believes this concept is important in the times we live in when everybody is welcomed and has their own personal needs and wishes.

As they are different types of Jewish rituals and events, she divided the kits into 3 main lines: Basic, Holiday, and Life occasions. During the work process, she developed and moduled an example kit to represent each line:

  • Shabbat Kit – for Basic line
  • Hanukkah Kit – for Holiday line
  • Consolation Kit – for Life occasions line

In the packaging, she represents her concept by using minimal graphical elements to illustrate the packaged objects, and the colors are associated in the Jewish world with the rituals in mind.

This project was created as the final project of the visual communication studies in HTK, Berlin.

What’s Unique?
In a market full of traditional and very religious-oriented Judaica products, JUDAIKIT is a fresh breath of modern, minimal design, adapted to the 21st century with contemporary visual language. In addition, while Judaica is sold by individual objects and is mainly common to be found in large Jewish communities – the JUDAIKIT is offering a special solution by collecting all relevant objects for each ritual or occasion into an elegantly packaged kit.