Design: Majeed Zarifi
Location: Iran
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Saffron
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Offset

Karkum Khorasan packaging design has been done to accomplish special missions and purposes in global sales. Karkum is an old and ancient name of saffron in Persian language, which indicates that saffron is included in Iranian products from the distant past till now. So in this package, originality and culture of Iranian saffron must draw attention more than anything. Zarif Graphic packaging design team, employing proper symbols and elements, took the necessary steps to accomplish these goals so that Non-Iranian audiences easily communicate with it and find out the roots and concepts in packaging design.

Achaemenid soldiers as a noble and ancient element who hold the Derafsh-e-Kaviani on both sides of the package and facing toward saffron and the saffron harvest area (Khorasan) in Iran while holding Derafsh-e-Kaviani. Such a belief existed in ancient Iran, as long as the Derafsh (flag) is in someone’s hand, it will be invincible. Karkum Khorasan steps in the world competition field with all power to keep Iranian saffron flag flying high and keep it invincible so as to be included as one of the best in the red gold market.

1. In order to know the Karkum Khorasan better, in a part of the package, we have demonstrated the geographical area in which high quality saffron is produced in Iran and the world.
2. Also designing saffron on black background is done from two aspects:

  • Black is considered as one of the luxury colors in designing packages.
  • The pretty flower of saffron rises out of the earth darkness and blooms and flourish with the first golden rays of the sun at dawn.

Regarding this aspect (the 2nd case) Karkum Khorasan packaging was printed in black and matte, in some parts of it (brand name and logo) UV and gilding services were used. The gilded Karkum logo draws the mind to sunshine glittering, which causes the saffron flower to grow and flourish, among which the brand name is showing off. Seeing the Beautiful and magnificent packaging of Karkum Khorasan easily conveys visual charm and beauty to its audience. The target market of Karkum Khorasan is the international trade of saffron, which should be presented to non-Iranian audiences and other nationalities. together with this design and explanation which was presented in international language on the packaging, introduction of the noble saffron of Khorasan-Iran will be done easily.