Derrick Lin


Design: GCD Studio
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Organica
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Cereals, honey, pulses, rice, tea, soaps, holi colours, pickles, squashes, snacks, oils
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Kraft board, tin, recycled paper
Printing Process: Offset

Organica is a brand started up to market high-quality organic foods through select outlets. The range was extensive and needed a unifying theme and concept to hold the broad range together. We created the brand identity and visual language to synergise the look of the range and allow extension of the range into other products in the future. Our design is inspired from the premise that every product has a story of it’s origin and authenticity and we are putting ours upfront for the consumer to read.

The idea was to be honest and believable. The organic quality comes through the use of kraft board, tin, and other recycled paper. The presentation is credible and the pedantic quality is offset by jewel like story-book illustrations.The design was kept simple, relatable and relevant to the product. For example, the cereal had graphics that depicted morning, the tea illustrations were done with the flavour in mind, pulses had Indian motifs on them. Illustrations in different styles were created for each category from crayon, watercolours, pencil drawings. Some were given the handmade look some digital, but the binding factor was the story and simplicity of style.

What’s Unique?
The entire range of Organica’s offering had a homegrown, non commercial quality that was brought alive through the use of recycled material and handmade illustrations. This ensured that the design and execution was simple and distinctive. Unlike other food packaging the front of label had important information about the product written like a short story, almost bringing the back of pack to the front. This made the product trustworthy and instilled confidence in the consumer’s mind.