ReForm – Multiple usage makeup brush set package

Derrick Lin


Agency: KingHome Printing
Innovation Designer: Shang Che Lee
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Makeup brush set
Packaging Substrate / Materials: 100% post-consumer recycled paper
Printing Process: Digital printing with water-based soy ink

ReForm revolutionizes and redefines the makeup brush packaging which embodies practicality and recyclability. Using 100% post-consumer recycled paper, the packaging represents our core value — sustainability. However, functions are not overlooked. ReFrom effectively provides intact protection and create the second life of packaging; that is, a simple transformation from a portable outer box to a display for brushes.

To make it useful, users’ everyday scenario must be taken into consideration. As a result, we aim to create a makeup brushes packaging that could practically blend into our daily lives, whether at home or travelling.

From materials to graphic designs, our packaging primarily communicates the brand images of purity and nature. No plastic is involved; instead, the packaging completely consists of paper materials. For graphic designs, we use simple geometrical shapes to illustrate the tip of different brushes. To highlight the eco-materials, we add icons that stands for environmental protection to reinforce the brand images.
We hope the packaging could visually express the characteristics of the makeup brushes and to deliver our firm belief that a future without endless waste is how the people and the Earth should coexist and flourish.

We create five holes on the lid to highlight the eco-icons. Additionally, the holes make it easier to transform the packaging into a holder. To increase the stability, we install a mortise and tenon. For the bottom box, we divide the space into three compartments, allowing users to store brushes separately. To maximize the use of the inner area, we create a movable inlay, allowing it to combine with the lid to create the two holder styles for the brushes. Regarding the materials, we insist on only using paper materials but implementing creative diecut to achieve the best protection and functions.

What’s Unique?
Besides the advantages of the simple structures and lightweight materials, the packaging can hold different sizes of brushes. Additionally, with special structure design, we can transform the packaging into a stable makeup brush holder which has the second life of the packaging that provides the functions of display and drying the brushes.

In addition, the packaging has an inviting design of doubling as a holder, which helps to reduce the unnecessary purchase of makeup brushes holders. We make the best use of the packaging to embody the brand value of protecting the Earth.

In the manufacturing process, we simplify the process in order to reduce the burden to the environment. Aside from using recycled materials, we opt for water-based soy ink and get rid of complicated structural designs. With an effort to keep everything involved simple, from the production procedure to the materials, we hope to realize our goal of creating a brand identity that emphasizes sustainability, creating less waste in energy consumption and resources.