Agency: Craft Mark Studio
Graphic Designer: Martynas Vezbickas
Copywriter: Neringa Klevaite – Vezbickiene
Commercial Director: Antanas Genys
Location: Lithuania
Project Type: Produced
Client: UAB “Tavlinas”
Product Launch Location: Lithuania
Packaging Contents: BBQ Seasoning
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Jar
Printing Process: Flexography

In Spring 2020 we have been reached out by Lithuanian spice distributor and retailer “Saldva”. Our newly emerged task was to create the packaging design for a new line of products being developed for the upcoming grilling season – eight premium-class carefully selected spice mixes – barbeque rubs for meat, vegetables, and fish – containing only the highest quality natural ingredients.

The design process started with complete freedom enabling us to bring our wildest creative ideas to life. One thing was clear – the new spice mixes had to pop out of the shelves in the store and instantly grab the customers’ attention. Another important aspect of the packaging design process was to clearly differentiate the products in order to make it easy for the customers to quickly navigate through a variety of different mixes and find the right one.

The Solution
A vibrant and vivid color scheme, bursting in playful contrasting colors together with heavy bold fonts, add an instant character boost to the packaging design. Fun and attractive illustrations in addition to crazy names given to each product will instantly grab the customers’ attention. Clear usage recommendations placed on the label will help the customers to navigate through different products and select the right one.