Subko Coffee Roasters

Studio Bigfat

Agency: Studio Bigfat
Creative Director / Graphic Designer: Aniruddh Mehta
Brand Conceptualisation: Rahul Reddy
Brand Advisor: Karthik Natarajan
Coffee Bean and Croissant Illustration: Anuranjini Singh
Design Assistance: Radhika Sawla
Photography: Parizad D
Architecture and Interior Design: STaND Design
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Subko – Specialty Coffee Roasters
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Craft Paper
Printing Process: Screen Print, Offset Print

‘Subko’ is a play on words. ‘Sabko’ in the Hindustani linguistic register translates to ‘for everyone’ or ‘for all’. We then decided to shift the spelling of ‘Sabko’ with a ‘U’ to represent pride in the Indian subcontinent as a region, bringing to life the portmanteau term ‘Subko’: from the subcontinent.

As an Asian brand representing the Indian subcontinent, we felt that linguistic diversity is one of the unique markers of the region’s rich diversity and ‘composite’ culture developed over millenia.

Our team saw three broad (but certainly not sole) cultural representations of the modern Indian subcontinent as the Latin script (English), Devanagari script (upon which many Sanskrit origin Indian languages are based), and Nastaliq script (Persian origin calligraphy seen in written Urdu language).

The mission was to fuse the ‘contemporary’ and the ‘vintage’. To create an identity that truly localises specialty coffee and bread from this part of the world. The synthesis of a global mindset that‘s proudly rooted in local practices. ‘From the subcontinent, for all’.

What’s Unique?
The Coffee Box contains 0% Single-Use Plastic. The inner lining of the package which holds the coffee is made up of 100% Biodegradable Cellulose.