A Physically Distanced IPA

Derrick Lin


Design: NorthSouth
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Combination
Client: 40FT Brewery
Packaging Contents: IPA
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

40FT Brewery is a micro-brewery built from shipping containers in a repurposed car park in Dalston, East London. Opening in 2015 with just two 20FT shipping containers, they have grown rapidly now filling 150FT with more space for brewing and a dedicated taproom. To celebrate the reopening of the taproom after the COVID-19 lockdown and encourage physical distancing, NorthSouth worked closely with 40FT Brewery to launch a limited-edition IPA.

To create the brand for the upcoming IPA, NorthSouth played off the name of the brewery and used the current format of the beer labels to highlight the government’s 6FT social distancing guidelines.

The palette draws inspiration from safety tape, which has been widely used to identify physical distancing messaging.