Breakup with Stress

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Derrick Lin


Design: Isha Pednekar
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Pearl Academy, Mumbai
Tutor: Madhu Amodia
Packaging Contents: Dark chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

Breakup with Stress presents a healthier version of the popular snack – chocolate to combat stress.

We aim towards creating mental health awareness among teens. Breakup with Stress suggests users to get out of their toxic relationship with stress. Our brand creates an opportunity for teens to take their first step towards fighting stress, especially during the exam time. Being a sensitive issue, we wanted to take a simple but positive approach. Chocolate is known as a mood elevator but, pairing it up with additional health benefits proves to be an even better reason to consume it. It is a lesser known fact that 70-85% pure dark chocolate is actually healthy when consumed in the right amount. Dark chocolate is a good source of flavanols – plant based antioxidants which reduce levels of cortisol – also known as the stress hormone. Besides reducing stress, it also improves memory, boosts mood, aids digestion and keeps the heart healthy. Being palatable is what makes dark chocolate a better coping mechanism for stress over most others.

When we are stressed, we often think of a way to get rid of it or escape from it. Stress can sometimes overwhelm a person and they just want to take a break or divert their attention from it. I have tried to communicate this idea through the packaging – how one will be transported to a new world of calm after biting into the chocolate. The landscape illustrations on packaging use cool color palette to create a soothing imagery of different places one can mentally escape to when they feel stressed.

What’s Unique?
Sustainable packaging material and soothing imagery of monochromatic cool color palette that instantly calms users.