Cereal Kids Del Trópico

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Design: Hello Design
Location: Colombia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Cereal
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Laminate
Printing Process: Flexography

Development of the new image CEREAL KIDS DEL TRÓPICO own brand Grupo Tropi.

CEREAL KIDS is a Colombian snack brand, it belongs to the Tropi Group, its products are based on natural and affordable consumer inputs. Its mission is to create a healthy diet with the best ingredients at a fair price.

At Hello Design for this product, we create a fun, colorful and aspirational concept, giving the consumer quality packaging, the current design that stands out in a gondola and reliable, appetizing and that evokes joy, abundance and flavor.

TROPIC CEREAL KIDS It was created as an indulgent brand, for all audiences, it is fun and contemporary.

It is unique because it stands out in linear, its striking colors give it value and the creative stands out in its characters and composition. It was an arduous work of sketches and concept for this impressive result.