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Manufacturer: ETIFLEX, s.r.o.
Location: Czech Republic
Project Type: Produced
Client: Štěpán Zajíček
Product Launch Location: Czech Republic
Packaging Contents: Spirit
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, label
Printing Process: Flexography, Hot foil stamping, Embossing

The Rumcajsovka spirit has origin in Jičín a town connected with Rumcajs the robber, a popular Czech fictive character. The graphics of Rumcajsovka label is based on a famous Jičín tower and the beard of Rumcajs which together remind the capital letter J. The label received an enchanting design, that attracts the both, the look and touch. Inside the tower drawing is hidden a spirit manufactory. The system of clockwork and pipes stands out in silver printing and gold hot stamping. The graphics’ plasticity is supported by embossed fragments. The metallic motif with filigree details contrasts with the full-coloured material Soft touch black.

What’s Unique?
The complex combination of different processing techniques created a targeted effect on the label. We used the full-couloured black material that is as black as you can imagine and combined it with fresh shades of gold and silver. The silver colour is printed, the golden is processed by hot foil stamping. The details of the drawing are additionally embossed.