The Front Line: Antibacterial Hand Scrub

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Design: Jiayu Cheng
Location: Australia
Project Type: Student Project
School: RMIT University
Tutor: Russell Kerr
Packaging Contents: Hand Scrub
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar
Printing Process: Foil, offset

There are thousands of nurses, doctors and health workers in Australia and the world fighting against the COVID-19 in the front line. They are the front line soldiers right now. However, when I see the picture on the right side. I started to realize that all of us, as ordinary people in the country, in the world, are also the front line soldiers fight against COVID-19. It is an invisible war, there is no gun or visible weapon. But everyone is a soldier should stop the spreading of the virus. It is time to stand together and fight together. We have to work together and fight together in this invisible war against COVID-19 to protect ourself and our families. Stay sanitized and stay home. Our actions are our best support to the front line health workers.

The Front Line
This product’s name is a metaphor and was inspired by the situation of Australia and even the whole world right now, which is just like a war. Everyone in Australia and the world, is on the front line. I am trying to use the name “The Front Line” to remember and praise these front line soldiers in Australia and the world. At the same time, I am trying to use this name to create the sense of seriousness and gain people’s attention. To remind people to wash their hands because they are in the front line of this invisible war against COVID-19. Also, “the front line” can be also be understand as “forefront”, can be related to the Holegate Brewhouse’s history as the forefront of Australia’s craft brewing movement for 20 years.

Triple Gold Badges on the jar body
Emphasis the key selling point: Local family owned business and Handcrafted Product. Increase the reliability and authority by mention “WHO Proven Formula”.

Trumpeter Illustration
Invite people to think about the meaning of ‘The Front Line’. Make people feel related in this “Invisible War” and the seriousness of the product.

Gold Seal Sticker
Keep the hand scrub sealed before selling it. Give customers a sense of safety and luxury.

Unique Batch Number
Inform the customers this is a limited hand-crafted product, not from factory. Increase its luxury value.

Hand-Gun Logo
Simple but powerful metaphor of this product. Washing hands is the best weapon against COVID-19 in the front line.

Increasing the connection between the local community. Attract more local buyers. Indicate the manufacture’s location and the concept “Made Local, Serve Local”.

What’s Unique?
Recycled glass jar from local community. A response to the pandemic.