Graphic designer and illustrator: Charlotte Neve
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Student Project
School: Shillington College
Tutor: Andy Judd
Packaging Contents: Soap
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Packaging design for Soap aimed for interpreters.

A gender-neutral soap that aims to empower the busy interpreter with stressful work life.

Each soap is a reflection of 3 different countries showing the diversity of languages an interpreter may be translating for. With each bar specially tailored to each stage of the day – either helping you wake up and conquer your day, feel empowered, or to unwind your mind. The gradient reflects the ever-changing nature of an interpreter’s job.

Whatever your mood, TUO has your back!

What’s Unique?
A unique design reflecting on different cultures. With a challenging demographic – Language interpreters.

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