Crunchamame, The Healthy Cheeto


Photographer: Cole Wilson

Agency: MA3 AGENCY
Strategy Director: Jason Lannert
Creative Director: Marcela Avelar
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Crunchamame
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Edamame Puff Snack
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Film Roll Bag
Printing Process: Flexography

These farmers were growing organic edamame in Arkansas, we turned their awesome crop into an awesome brand by creating character-based packaging that warms the heart of any breathing soul.

We united moms, dads and kids with our organic, plant-protein packed, crunchy, super tasty, Crunch-a-Mame Puffs made with American-grown edamame. Let’s go Crunch-a-merica!

What’s Unique?
Mame is our main character, he gets dressed for any occasion , he can be a kid, a hipster, a mom, he can be you.