Exclusive Cihuatán Xaman expression



Design: Appartement 103 – Brand Design
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Licoreras Cihuatán
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Rum
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper, carton

Continuing its portfolio expansion, Licoreras Cihuatán has asked Appartement 103 to develop the packaging design for their latest and most exclusive expression. Cihuatán Xaman is an ultra-premium rum fondly named after the Mayan god of the North Star and protector of the Cihuatán valley.

This elegant composition features extra-old rums aged 16 years in American oak and then finished in Mayan Ceiba barrels. The Master Blender especially selected the unique wood of the Ceiba tree for its rich and alluring character, creating a unique profile.

The agency was responsible for the primary and secondary packaging design of this new premium SKU, translating the previously developed visual brand identity and essence with coherency.

Legend has it that under the veil of night, the Sleeping Woman would look for the brightest star in the sky. This was Xaman, god of the North Star. The Sleeping Woman would ask Xaman for wisdom and prosperity for the valley and its people. Xaman would then rest atop a sacred Ceiba tree, the Mayan tree of life. The Maya cherished the wood of their Ceiba trees and used it to craft items of protection for battle, charms to bring prosperity and vessels for travel.

Our team focused on a minimalist design approach, using the signature intertwined illustration consistently across the full range, acting as a strong focal point that enhances brand recognition on shelves.

Looking closely, you will lose yourself in an odyssey of details revealing the sleeping woman in its center, the Ceiba trees with its iconic roots, a hidden owl as a symbol of the night and, of course, the North Star illuminating the valley.

The blue color notes and silver foil lines were carefully selected to convey the sky and celestial essence that resonates with the story.

Finally, the Cihuatan logo and other details were hot foiled directly on the glass to enhance the premium credentials of the product, while allowing the coppery tones of the liquid to be highlighted.