Derrick Lin


Design: Sara Buchkovska
Location: Macedonia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Coconut
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard box
Printing Process: Digital printing

Concept design for coconut packaging – a redesign that brings a fresh and modern look to the product!

This project is a concept design for a coconut packaging, more precisely a redesign of an existing coconut packaging from a Macedonian company. The main idea is to bring new, fresh and unusual packaging but yet very practical for use and storage.

The coconut is stored in a round cardboard box that is eco-friendly and has natural look as well which is suitable for food storage. The design is catchy and quite different than the usual coconut packages. It contains a pattern design which is consisted of coconut tree leaves and coconuts as well, with fresh and natural colors. Although it’s easy to be recycled, the package can be reused as a storage box for different things because of its cool design.

What’s Unique?
Coconut is being sold in plastic bags since forever, so the unique in this design is the packaging its self – round cardboard box with catchy design of the box

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