Laduree snowglobe mirror



Design: Delatour Design Paris
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Laduree
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Snowglobe
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Mirrors, cardboard
Printing Process: Hot gold foil

How to display in its box an item that requires light and movement to be magnificent?

At Delatour Design Paris studio we like this kind of challenge. The Laduree Eiffel tower yummy snowglobe required not only a transportation packaging but one that would serve as a gift box and a display case as well.

With pastries, macarons, and little charms adorning her in her oblong glass cage, the famous french lady feels at ease in her reflecting luxurious case.

Hot gold foil illustrations on the inside of two opening panels, welcoming your eyes to set on the centered jewel.

Then, add two mirrors placed inside the matt laminated box, unveiling each of the lady’s sides and decorum. Perfect it with gold stamped Laduree blazon cap, topped with a purple silk ribbon securing her.

I am sure that now, whenever you will have finished shaking her gently to admire her snowy white coat, our french lady will be happy to rest in her pastel green adored boudoir. – Jimmy Delatour, founder and designer at Delatour Design Paris.