Design: The Refreshment Club
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: VACAY craft canned cocktails
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Craft cocktails
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Outer packs & cans

Project Overview: Creating a new brand in the RTD/Alcopop category. Firstly working with the clients vision and product attributes to sculpt a brand from scratch. Secondly articulating this brand and developing a blue print and personification of the brand. Finally with the positioning and personality creating the brand name and bringing it to life through all required b to b and b to c channels for launch.

The Idea & Positioning: From the distillation of insights gained from consumer research, product & category studies paired with the founders vision we arrived at the idea: Sophisticated yet eccentric. With this positioning we constructed a defined brand through mood, tone, image, and most importantly the role our brand plays in peoples lives: broaden tastes & broaden cocktail moments. Vacay was born as a confident, quirky, sophisticated, unique and stylish new canned cocktail brand taking cocktails out of the bar to new horizons.

Packaging: The packaging was created using illustrations to highlight brand role and brand positioning. Each flavour illustration involves a sophisticated and serious stereotype doing something quirky, unexpected, and out of the ordinary while having a wink back at the flavour/cocktail provenance like a stiff straight cactus doing the can-can for the Paloma. Keeping with the sophistication and minimalism we took inspiration from one line Japanese illustrations and kept the rest of the design extremely clean, premium, and simple reflecting the product flavours and ingredients. The campaign created shows the drink surrounded by the multitude of ways consumers can enjoy our cocktail as they enjoy themselves calling out this sophisticated yet eccentric brand positioning.