Green Rebels United Conceptual Packaging Design

Derrick Lin


Agency: SGK Anthem
Senior Designer: Fernando Ruiz Ibanez
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Concept

Green Rebels United is a conceptual packaging design of 100% traceable and 100% sustainable chocolate.

Sustainability and authenticity are becoming more and more potent drivers to purchase across all categories, with many brands integrating such objectives into the very heart of their businesses. Though, this doesn’t always translate into authentically sustainable brand messaging, design or packaging. True, it’s hard for big brands to quickly take leaps in these areas. However, with smaller start-ups increasingly chipping away at their margins and disrupting the status-quo across so many categories, now is the time to rally – to prioritise sustainability and to be the change we all want to see in the world.

Green Rebels United is on a mission to do-away with half measures, to put sustainability at the very heart of the brand and in every aspect of its packaging design; to authentically call on consumers to unite and, together, to take one step to a better world.

The brands strong positioning and active purpose are energetically captured in both the brand name and key message, serving as a call to action to stand for and stand behind something far greater than just a moment of indulgence. This message also provides the option for further innovation, helping to create a platform for other brands or products to champion similar principles. The communication is authoritative and powerful – something which is also mirrored in the style of the graphic design.

The use of high contrast colours and bold print on pack is arresting, purposely so to help captivate and engage consumers with a meaningful and worthy cause. The brand is determined to encourage consumers to walk with them towards positive change; a message tenaciously captured in the structural design of the chocolate bar itself. The footprint design also works well across other touch-points as a key visual for flexibility and consistent high clout. The 3D design of the product also ensures the brand message is not lost on removal of the packaging – emotional engagement continues throughout the product use to ensure maximum impact.

Furthermore, the iconic footprint illustration serves to tell the story of the origins of the product and the brand’s mission to protect the natural environment of the Amazonian region of South America – the iconic home of the humble cacao bean.

The 3D packet design is made of corrugated cardboard, using recycled and recyclable materials. The texture of the materials is mirrored in the typography style of the on pack communication, helping to further reinforce the brands honesty. Individual stories of the origins of the product ingredients are showcased on the back of pack labels to encourage consumers to engage with the brands traceability credentials and help to provide a highly emotional and personal touch.

Green Rebels United was awarded Bronze in the 2020 Pentawards global packaging design competition.