Sime Darby Property 2020 Chinese New Year Money Envelope

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Printer: Idealmage Services
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Sime Darby Property
Product Launch Location: Malaysia
Packaging Contents: Money Packet
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset Printing With Texture and Gold Foil Stamping

Lunar New Year is a peak season for brands to fight for attention, and Sime Darby Property wants to target young home-buyers by being imaginative and inclusive without compromising their focus on sustainability as it is one of their core business values. Red packets, being the main element of this festivity, contribute yearly to high paper wastage and we want to tackle this problem to make it more sustainable by rethinking the money packet from the point of reusability and also reduction in material usage like glue or lamination to make it easily recyclable.

What’s Unique?
We designed red packet options which were voted by the public and we produced the highest voted design to reduce wastage. Inspired by the Chinese Lunar calendar design, we rethink the red packet by having four panels that feature common Chinese occasions like wedding, birthday and housewarming without year indication or zodiac animal making it reusable.

Then, by replacing glue and forgoing lamination, with a customize fold and lock mechanism making it highly recyclable.