To The Stars – Nike Energy Drink Concept

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Derrick Lin


Design: Delatour Design Paris
Location: France
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: energy drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: can
Printing Process: 1 color printing, Matte UV coating

Covid-19 times, are « try-out » times. For all small studios and maybe bigger ones, it’s a time to rethink strategy, develop some new prospects, experiment, review the portfolio and take as much as a possible advantage of this peculiar situation. But it’s also a time to have fun! Let’s be realistic, when is the last time we actually could take time to develop something on our own again?

At Delatour Design Paris, branding, packaging & product design studio, we chose a brand we liked, a brand with history, a brand that means something to a lot of People, NIKE. We tried to think of how to push it forward and make people relate to it even more in those specific times of quarantine. We decided to make a Nike Energy drink, but we wanted to give a new dimension to the famous slogan « just do it », a dimension that would go over the physical expression and sense of achievement of the famous motto, for all those who could not get out of the home to play football or any other physical activity they loved so much.

Of course, Nike will always be « just do it », but what if the dot became a coma, and we added a little extra to it? In the time of space exploration, mankind tries to go beyond, beyond his actual knowledge, beyond his natural habitat, beyond his basic needs and goals, beyond his physical boundaries. Nike, To The Stars.