Derrick Lin


Design: Snash Design
Location: Tunisia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Souani
Product Launch Location: Tunisia
Packaging Contents: Camembert
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood
Printing Process: Typography

SOUANI is one of the very first cheese factories in Tunisia, created in 1979 whose range of products, from the best cheese-making tradition, is expanding year after year with various specialties. Innovation and mastery of know-how, making the cheese maker one of the brands that regularly moves the market, through its quality products and through sharp strategic choices.

SNASHDESIGN, born 1999 is one of the most famous design and packaging agencies in Tunisia. Numerous trophies (including a Pentaward), long-term support for brands, references that number in the hundreds and a “creative office” spirit at the heart of its DNA.

The two met a few years ago, the relationship solidifying over time thanks to a common vision and an identical feeling about the identity of SOUANI. From novelties to shared discoveries and creative adventures, the brand’s latest pie chart is born in 2020 under the name of “Old Caliph”. SNASHDESIGN made the strategic choice to design a wooden box, red, a stylized portrait of a sovereign and a typographic family of tales and legends. Far from the idea of making it a product from the East, the chosen axis rather propels us into a universe that is at the same time a little magical, a little terroir, where aesthetics are finely aligned with the high quality of the product.