Derrick Lin


Design: Mithula Palanivel
Location: Singapore
Project Type: Student Project
School: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Packaging Contents: Skin Care Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Card Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Cherub Rubs is a kids skin care brand based off Australia. This particular packaging design is for their new line of products aiming at young adults. Objective:
This packaging design should make users want to try out products using various organic ingredients from across the globe (India and China). It should also be opening them up to various cultures across the globe and create a fun experience for users.

Each packaging will have colourful graphics and culture themed illustrations. This will bring about the cultural aspect of that country in a fun way appropriate for users. Integrating culture with skin care products won’t just give them a wider range of options, but also allow them to know more about various culture.

This packaging design is for products for kids and young adults ranging from 8-15. The first decision of buying these products are sometimes made by parents. However, it is essential that the kids enjoy the product and its design so that they continue purchasing it. These customers are across the globe and the design should be locally inspired and yet speak to a global audience.

For moms looking for organic skin care products for kids, this design will open them to such products from across the globe. And for kids, the design should again open them up to new cultures and make skin care more fun as well.

Personal Objectives:
Working on this design was quite interesting because I had to research about each packaging design’s culture theme and got to know more about it. Also, forming the structure in a way to make it a series yet not monotonous was a learning experience.

Rationale: This design is a skin safe personal care options for kids and young adults. Incorporating the spread of cultures across the globe into packaging makes it a more worthy experience. Also, giving customers various organic skin products options from across the globe is an initiative that will appeal to a lot.

What’s Unique? A packaging design that’s fun, functional, and yet educating about cultures from the world! Apart from letting kids know about different countries, it also promotes local organic ingredients from across the globe.