Jom Makan! Instant Nasi Lemak

Derrick Lin


Designer: Chan Qian Hui, Sia Man Sheng
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Taylor’s University
Tutor: Shamsul Hamimi
Packaging Contents: Instant Rice, Sambal Sauce, Carrot Powder, Anchovies and Peanuts
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

“Jom Makan!” which means “let’s go eat together” in Malay language is an instant rice meal designed and created to provide a nutritious meal for flood victims in times of emergency.

As Malaysia flood victims encounter constipation due to possibly poor dietary intakes which are low in nutrients especially fiber during the flood, the product is design with the aim of being a balanced meal for flood victim, emergency food which has a long shelf life and can be distributed to flooded area by air drop.

The design of packaging uses a locking mechanism which has a double layer of cover to protect the food, avoid spillages and prevent germs from entering the food.

There is also a merchandise box which will store all of our merchandises together. These 4 items are 6-in-1 bundle box, 350ml mineral water bottle, t-shirt and towels. They are essential products which would benefit our target audience, Malaysian flood victims and could come alongside with the food packaging for the flood victims.

What’s Unique?
Although it is a very simple design for the packaging, the design is meant to look familiar, vibrant and colorful to enhance the appetite of flood victims. The product also comes along with tips on what to do during flood emergencies so when it is sold commercially, it becomes an educational information to the public.