Rodin Museum Paris – sculpture packaging / box



Agency: Delatour Design Paris
Manufacturer: Royal River Design
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Musee Rodin Paris
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Sculpture, official reproductions
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, natural straw
Printing Process: Screen printing

Any new design project is a new challenge, new data, new constraints, whether they are about use, aesthetic or commercial. This packaging / box developed for the shop (physical and online) of the Rodin Museum in Paris was developed in the spirit of transport boxes for Art pieces, paintings or sculptures, in use at the time of Augustus Rodin (1840-1917) just like they are today.

The use of wood to keep the piece straight away from blows, straw to confine it and absorb shocks. On the face, the sculptor’s signature, on the profile the mention “fragile” and on the other a text in the chosen typography, directly related to the work of art.

Delatour Design Paris, as a packaging and global design studio, had to create a packaging as an object, not only useful but in reference to the history of art in order to properly highlight “The Thinker” , “The Kiss”, “The Cathedral” by Auguste Rodin and “The Waltz” by Camille Claudel. Thinking of the project as a whole, bringing more than the client’s request, contributing to the history of a brand, a place, a woman and a man, this is an integral part of what represents for us Art direction.

This very specific packaging thus allowed the Rodin Museum to place this collection of miniature sculptures at the top of the sales of the museum’s official store. Starting from a box for a sculpture, the number has now grown to 4 product references , thus leading to the creation of a very recognizable and statutory collection. Royal River Design, manufactured the box and the resin reproduction inside. We are proud to collaborate with the Musee Rodin in this way and to participate in the international influence of the one who is considered perhaps the greatest French sculptor, with an extraordinary work sometimes gentle, sometimes brutal, at the crossroads of Romanticism and Impressionism, product of the struggle between form and light. – Jimmy Delatour, Creative Director / Designer

What’s Unique?
This packaging design is therefore both a protective element of reproduction, but also rewarding by giving it the status of almost original pieces, packaging that highlights the object, which we will surely keep as much as its content.