“Santa” retail chain rebranding



Design: AVC (Agency of Visual Communications)
Location: Belarus
Project Type: Produced
Client: Santa Retail
Product Launch Location: Belarus
Packaging Contents: Food

“Santa” is a growing grocery chain with a high level of service, stable stock, and an attentive attitude to people. A retailer with a reliable background, striving for growth and quality changes. The chain’s brand required a quality, strategic, and visual update. AVC was entrusted to come up with a solution to these tasks.

To develop a new platform for the brand, visual identity, the concept of external and interior design of stores, POSM system, and other carriers of corporate identity – from staff uniform to the register receipt.

SOLUTION The main corporate color became azure. Being new to the category, it sets apart the retailer from the competition. Blue is also associated with freshness, naturalness, and something close, helping to form a welcoming and cheerful brand image.

A minimalistic logo with a rounded sans serif font speaks of openness and friendliness.

An additional styling element is a grocery cart made out of the logo elements. The responsive design can be embedded in the messages, helping to formulate the consistent style of communication and media design. The visual game corresponds to the concept of modern retail.

A new visual strategy formed the basis for the selling points. Bright friezes and the entrance group of Santa’s shops are visible from afar and happily invite you to shop. The interior is organized in such a way so that the chain’s fresh products and the latest offers are in the foreground. Eco-style elements create a warm and cozy atmosphere, evoking associations with naturalness. The signature blue actively declares the presence of the brand.

The exterior and interior of the network complement each other, working towards a mutual idea. Scalable principles make it easy to brand any store format, whilst preserving recognition and image integrity.