Derrick Lin


Design: Tiare Payano
Location: Dominican Republic
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Juice and Shakes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Pouch, Glass bottle, paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Fressco is an organic juice and shake brand started in 2009 with its first product in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic. Maintaining a contemporary origin pulled to its local routes, the brand has created an ecologic and sustainable market under two categories: organic juices and classic shakes.

The challenge: Build a brand identity that combines an against-the-ordinary communication strategy and a present with an antique yet creative approach.

The solution: Fressco’s brand identity was conceived with the unconventional goal, that its consumers can enjoy a moment of escape while immersing themselves in the contrast of its faithful origins and the freethinking present.

The colors are expressive and bright, building a system that implies a sense of reinvention, communicated in their packaging where each one is a little bit different depending on the flavor. This goes in contrast with its typography full of the fressco’s heritage, which will never accuse of lacking nature. Illustrations dated from 16th-century botanical calligraphic artwork by Georg Bocskay and Joris Hoefnagel support this individuality.

What’s Unique?
The Fressco brand wants to make its consumers feel part of their legacy while proposing a holistic aid in nature’s wellbeing, making them healthier and joyful in each purchase.